Embajada en Rumania

Proyecto Cultural "TANGO FOR ALL"

Fecha de actualización: 29/07/2016

El día miércoles, 13 de julio de 2016, en el Centro Infoeuropa, se inició el proyecto cultural "TANGO FOR ALL", evento auspiciado por la Embajada Argentina en Rumania; un proyecto europeo, con la asociación de 5 paises europeos: Rumania, Italia, Francia, Ungría y Austria.

Este evento se inauguró con una conferencia y va a seguir en septiembre, desde el 10 hasta el 17 de septiembre con la "Semana del Tango".

Durante la conferencia se pronunció el siguiente discurso:

"Ladies and Gentlemen,

On 9th of July we have celebrated the Bicentenary of the Argentine Declaration of  Independence. This celebration has a special character because this year is the 200th anniversary of July 9th 1816 when Argentina declares independence from Spain; 1816 was the culmination of the independence struggle that was sparked off in 1810.

It is worth also mentioning that 136 years of the first official contacts between Romania and Argentina and 86 years from the opening of the Embassy at Bucharest will be commemorated this year.

In this view, I welcome, as Charge d’Affaires of the Republic of Argentina in Romania, the patronage of this cultural project of Argentine tango called “Tango for All”, on the occasion of the Bicentenary of our country. Our Embassy is honored by participating in this event, organized by the Association for Culture and Tango and the Academy of Argentine Tango Association, in partnership with 5 NGOs from Europe (Romania, Italy, France, Hungary and Austria).

I wish to emphasize that, Tango is the bridge of communication between nations and generations, which cancels all kind of gaps, a cultural display of which we are proud, as it identifies Argentina in the world.

In the end, I invite you to enjoy this successful event, hoping to fructuously continue our collaboration in September, when we celebrate the European Week of Sport/Tango (10-17th of September).

Thank you very much."


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